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Cattaraugus County Tax Sale Properties

Tax Lien Certificates Home-Study Course

Unlock the Secret to Buying
Cattaraugus County Real Estate
for Pennies on the Dollar

You don't know it yet, but by the time you leave this website, your life will never be the same. Because in the next 10 minutes, you are going to learn a simple investment strategy that have be kept secret for over 150 years. Most people are still unaware that you get returns of 16% to 50% buying government secured Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Sale Properties?  Regardless of what happens in the economy, your returns are guaranteed to remain high.  In fact, the only impact a weak economy has on tax-defaulted paper is to provide more opportunities.

Our staff searched high and low to find the very best instructional manual on tax lien investing.  We also felt there was no reason for you to spend hundreds of dollars to learn this valuable information.  Of all the material we evaluated, the one that won highest praise from our team is an e-book published by Instant Income, Inc.  Everyone knows that rich people don't worry about the economy because they use low-risk, high reward strategies that are profitable in any economy. When you download this incredible e-book, you too will learn how to create wealth without risk.

Your first successful tax lien purchase will leave you feeling on top of the world and you'll sense growing confidence with a feeling of invicibility. The emotions running through your mind are going to be indescribable.

Emotions can be a motivating factor when purchasing tax lien certificates. Especially when you learn that a few of your certificates have been converted into free-and-clear properties.

Imagine how good you'll feel when you are able to quit your job and spend quality time with your loved ones. Don't think for one minute that this is just pie-in-the-sky wishing. Many of our former students are already living lifestyles that most people only dream about. It may seem impossible at the moment, but the instructions that we have put in this study course are easy to learn and work like magic!

Once you are able to take control of your own future, you may want to give us a big smooch too!

The longer you wait, the more investors you will have to compete against for the best NY tax lien certificates. If you are ready to secure your future, you may order the course by clicking on this link.  Otherwise, the following sections of this page shows the course's outline.

  * The publisher reserves the right to increase the price without further notice.



This information is priceless...


 Learn how to invest in Tax Liens from home
 Where to get the biggest returns
 How to pluck unfair profits from Tax Liens & Deeds
 Increase your returns without attending the auction
 How to eliminate competition
 Get property tax lien & deeds at wholesale instead of retail
 Sample forms for easy use
 FREE Tax Sale Auction Video
 How to discover your winning investment strategy
 Choose and win with the state and counties that pay the most
 How to get a list of available Tax Liens mailed to you
 Easy steps to getting registered for the auction
 How to turn parcel id numbers into profits
 Identify properties that are FREE and CLEAR
 How a tax lien investor can manage or eliminate risk
 How to identify the Diamonds in the Rough
 The various auction procedures being utilized
 The different bidding procedures and how to win at the auction
 How to invest in Tax Liens and using an IRA
 How to obtain Tax Free or Tax Deferred Returns!
 Own Real Estate Properties within Your IRA
 Roll your existing 401K into an IRA
 How to almost eliminate taxes

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Latest Tax Sale Properties News

Panel OKs sale of thousands of delinquent tax properties - Crossville Chronicle

Panel OKs sale of thousands of delinquent tax properties
Crossville Chronicle
Earlier this week Cumberland County's Delinquent Tax Committee requested the clerk and master to prepare for the sale of some 2,500 delinquent tax properties in the county. The county hasn't conducted a large-scale delinquent property tax land sale for ...

Counties fight tax sale lawsuit - Glens Falls Post-Star

Counties fight tax sale lawsuit
Glens Falls Post-Star
Warren County supervisors and county officials stand outside the Municipal Center in 2007. The county has agreed to help fight a lawsuit in Wayne County, which, if lost by the county, could make it difficult for counties statewide to sell properties ...

City homeowners lose property for just $250 in unpaid taxes - Baltimore Sun

City homeowners lose property for just $250 in unpaid taxes
Baltimore Sun
To reclaim their houses — and all the equity in it — after a tax sale, homeowners must pay the debt, the interest and hundreds of dollars in court costs and legal fees, according to the report. A $500 tax bill could turn into $3,000 two years after ...

and more »
Downtown Shamokin building goes for $58000 at tax sale - News Item

News Item

Downtown Shamokin building goes for $58000 at tax sale
News Item
The five-story building, which houses Dollar General on the first floor and is across Independence Street from Wendy's, was among 20 properties sold at the sale, which generated approximately $146,400. Sixty properties were available. Jan Nestico ...

Same Year Tax Sale Helps Keep Tax Levy Down - Cape May County Herald (press release)

Same Year Tax Sale Helps Keep Tax Levy Down
Cape May County Herald (press release)
COURT HOUSE -- Middle Township will hold an accelerated tax lien sale on Dec. 17, 2014, for any taxes that were not paid by Nov. 11, 2014. The resolution authorizing the accelerated tax sale was passed on March 5, 2014, and its creation enabled the ...

Tax sale bid on McDermott home tops $1.6 million -

Tax sale bid on McDermott home tops $1.6 million
Lake County Treasurer John Petalas said the residence of Thomas McDermott Sr., at 1150 Churchill Lane, recently sold at his tax sale for $1.6 million in an auction to recover more than $133,000 in back taxes due on the property in the gated Morningside ...

Delinquent Tax Sale for Spartanburg County for Dec. 8, 2014 - Spartanburg Herald Journal

Delinquent Tax Sale for Spartanburg County for Dec. 8, 2014
Spartanburg Herald Journal
If additional days are required to auction all properties, the sale will continue on the next business day at 9 AM and end at 4 PM. In order to bid at the tax sale, individuals must be registered bidders. Bidders are encouraged to pre-register in ...

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